Privacy Policy

What is the collected information?

We collect information from the users to improve our services. If you are a registered user of our website, then you have to enter your name and other relevant information. You can visit the website anonymously. We also use third party providers such as Google and others to provide ads on the website. We use DART cookies from Google to serve ads in You can opt out these ads by enabling DART cookie from Google ads. One can configure the same from the content network policy.

Why should we use cookies?

Cookies are small text files, stored on your hard drive. These files can improve the condition of your web browsing. It helps our website to recognize every user and their browsers. It also helps us to remember a certain amount of information for every user. It will save your preference and search results for your future visits. We can compile and aggregate the data of every user. It will help us to handle a lot of traffic from the users.

The best part is that it will offer a better browsing experience. There might be more than one-third parties to assist the service providers. It will help us to understand users in a better way. However, we will not permit them to use the personal information of the users. The personal information is safe with us, and it may be used to improve the business experience.

What is the actual use real information?

We may collect information from users for future use. We may use the collected information in the following ways. It will help us to promote third-party partners when you browse our website. It may be used to introduce new site features.

What is the protection of the information?

There is more than one security system on our website. The implementation of advanced securities ensures that there will be no stealing of personal data. Your personal information is safe with us even when you submit or access the same.

What is the use of third-party advertising?

There are third-party advertising companies on our website to collect some information of the users. It will be used to identify when you visit the website again. Apart from that it also helps to show ads by search result of the users. The private information such as email, username, and address will be safe. You can see a new advertisement in the form of media and services. You can find some useful ads for your interest in the website. We always maintain a strong integrity of the security by feedback.

What is children’s online protection?

We also maintain the clauses prescribed by COPPA to protect the privacy of the child. We never collect any information from anyone whose age is below 13 years. We only collect information from those who are at least 13 years old. If you want to know more about the third-party advertising companies, then you should allow us to collect some of the information.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We can change our privacy policy at any time and we will post those new policies on this page.

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