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Prisma3D is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering software designed for Android devices. The app is supported by android versions 4.3 and up.

Prisma3D app can be found in the Google Play Store or the official app website. The app is quite easy to download, install, and use from your mobile phone. Download the app using any browser and after the download is complete, click install and the app will be installed in your phone.

Downloading Prisma 3D APK will perform faster than other copycats of the app found online. The current versions of the app are 1.3.2, 1.2.2, and 1.0.0b. You can also download the Prisma 3D app using any android emulators and use it on your PC.

For the app to download, it will ask you for permissions: to open network sockets, write to external storage, and read from external storage.

The app is used by many people to create 3D logos and 3D intros, virtual reality content, 3D modeling similar to CAD, and perform 3D animation.

The app is Multilanguage and supports languages such as English, Portuguese, Russian, German, among many others. Prisma 3D app also has more modeling options than other 3D modeling apps in the market.

Prisma3D APK Download

Features of Prisma3D App

The App comes with lots of valuable features that you won’t find in other 3D modeling apps. The features will enable you to model, animate, and render your creations without a hassle. The app is still in Beta stage and so, if you encounter any problem, don’t hesitate to report through the official website of the app (

When you install the app, you will enjoy the following features:


  • The app allows you to create a sphere, plane, cube, camera, or light.
  • You can delete, rename, or copy objects when modeling.
  • The app lets you select and transform multiple objects during creation.
  • Easily change the color of the objects with color picker.
  • Seamlessly group objects.
  • You can apply a texture on the object during modeling.
  • Also, you can import over 50 different 3D files into the app.
  • The app lets you export to .obj file from Blender, Maya, Cinema4d, and much more.

Mesh modeling:

  • You can multi-select objects, points, or faces
  • Transform the selected objects
  • Manage to extrude and slice plane faces

Object animation:

  • The app lets you set and remove Keyframes for any object property.
  • You can also interpolate the Keyframe smoothly.


  • Using the app, you can export your creations to MP4.
  • You can set a custom resolution up to 1080p, 4k on faster Android devices.
  • After finishing your project, you can save the video to Cemeraroll and share it with your friends.
  • You can render your project fast and on the go.


  • You can easily navigate 3D using multi-touch.
  • Modeling Gizmos including wireframe and points.

Other important features include:

  • Project thumbnails
  • Provides orthogonal view
  • Higher video quality both auto and manual bitrate
  • UI changes when loading the screens, inertia on timeline and more
  • Saving a project folder
  • Rigging beta
  • Offers more modeling options than other 3D modeling apps.

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