How To Copy And Paste Frames/Layers On FlipaClip?

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to speed up your animation process by using copy and paste options on FlipaClip App. To do that, you need to have a basic idea of what is a layer and frame. Using a layer, you can draw whatever you want and the frame is where you add multiple layers to it.

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How To Copy And Paste On FlipaClip?

Copy And Paste On FlipaClip

There are four ways to improve your animation skills and copy/paste options will play a crucial role to create a new animation. Let’s see how to use the copy/paste option while drawing your animation projects.

#1 Copying Frames

  • If you want to copy a frame, long press on the frame that you would like to copy.
  • Select copy icon from the list of options.
  • Now click on the clipboard and then add your copied frame forward or backward.

#2 Copy More Than One Frame

  • To copy multiple frames, you need to click on the more icon which is available at the top right corner.
  • Click on the Frames Viewer option.
  • To select a first frame, long-press until its selected and also select other frames to copy from the frames viewer section.
  • Once you are done with the section of frames, tap on the copy icon.
  • Now tap on the paste/clipboard icon to paste your copied frames and then choose whether you wanna paste it before or after selected frames.
  • That’s it!

#3 Copy Individual Layers

This is the easiest method and it took less than a minute to copy a particular layer. To do that, click the copy icon which is available in the top side options. Now you can paste the copied layer by choosing a new layer or frame.

#4 Copying An Arean By Using Lasso Tool

Lasso tool is used to select a particular object while making animation. Selecting an area is very important when you use the lasso tool and if you won’t select any area, you can’t move or copy that area.

  • Click on the lasso tool from the menu options.
  • Now you need to circle the area using the lasso tool.
  • Firstly, tap on the copy icon and then click the paste option.
  • Now, you can move the copied area to add anywhere in the frame.

Things You Need To Know

FlipaClip App can be used on various gadgets like Android, iOS, PC Windows, Mac OS and more. If you’re using any device from the list, follow the below links to set up FlipaClip.

For Android & iOS Phone/Tablets:

For PC Windows & Mac:

For Chromebook:


From today onwards, you are ready to make cartoon animations easily by using these copy and paste options on FlipaClip application. Why late? Make your animations on any device.

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