FlipaClip Unlocker APK (Latest Version) Free Download

FlipaClip unlocker APK is one of the best video editing apps available these days. In the raw version, as we’ve seen before, it already has a lot of incredible features to make the edition easier and more professional.

But of course, as any free app that emerges, when it first came to the light there were some limitations for the free version. Watermark for avoiding the commercial use of the videos, some advanced features blocked and the worst, a storm of ads.

All those inconveniences made it very hard to really exploit the maximum capacities of FlipaClip. But now things have changed and the new FlipaClip update offers the possibility of dodging those limitations to finally have the best edit video app for your device. We are talking about FlipaClip Unlocker App that has been recently released and enables users to take advantage of every feature.

So, before getting on how to download this FlipaClip Pro APK let’s check on the features of this app and the ones that can now be unlocked.

What are FlipaClip features?

The original features on FlipaClip will be still available as in the original version. So in case you’ve forgotten them or don’t know them, they are:

  • Draw in several layers at a time
  • Animation timeline
  • Frame management
  • Drawing tools
  • Sharing with social networks
  • Compatibility with digital pens
  • Compatibility with Samsung S Pen

FlipaClip Unlocker APK Latest Version Download

FlipaClip already allowed you to create, edit and export video clips but only for personal use, otherwise, they would have a watermark on them. Also, you could change any background and preview the clip while building and edit layer by layer with also a preview available. But with all the adds, sometimes it was hard to work and some other features were locked.

What are FlipaClip updates?

As we mentioned before, all the good stuff in the old FlipaClip app will remain, but now, you can say goodbye to all the annoying adds and finally unlock all those onion paper options that will really simplify the animation process for you with FlipaClip Unlocker APK. Now you can:

  • Set how many frames to show.
  • Show before-after frames.
  • Adjust the Alpha.

Finally, and probably the best part is that with FlipaClip Unlocker APK you’ll be able to erase the watermark from your video clips so you can actually use the app for creating your commercial content without a problem.

How To Download FlipaClip Unlocker APK on Android Gadgets?

Ok, the first thing you need to install FlipaClip Unlocker App is to actually have the raw version of FlipaClip. So, in case you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s as simple as going to the Google Play Store, search for the app and then hit download.

Once it’s ready, we’ll need to download the unlocker but, unfortunately, this version is not available in the app store (it might be for some countries). For downloading it you need to follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Go to a safe downloading site and search for “FlipaClip Unlocker App”.
  • Once you find a site that is reliable click on download and wait for it to finish.
  • Open the FlipaClip app and if you don’t see any changes, then restart the device.
  • Once it restarts, run the app again and you’ll be able to fully use your FlipaClip Cartoon App.

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