FlipaClip Review

If you are into mobile animation creation, it can be hard to find a reliable and easy to use the app to help you with that. But as you can see from this FlipaClip review, the search is going to stop, as this particular app has all you want to suit your mobile animating needs.

What you will like about FlipaClip is that it helps you focus on the creation of a frame by frame animation. The app works like an old school flipbook, and it covers all the intuitive tools that you want at a very professional level. That really goes to show the results are impressive and unique.

Complete Review of FlipaClip App

There are some great convenience-related features that do tend to work very well. For example, if you slide to the left, you can see all the animation movies you created. You also have a large button that allows you to start and stop the animation.

As per our FlipaClip review, we liked the fact that you can select a unique background for the animation. You can also spick the FPS and the canvas size too.

FlipaClip Review

The idea is to fully focus on value and on a great experience, all while bringing some great support and experience to the table. They did a good job at letting you get all the control you want. You have a text tool, selection tool, a paint bucket, pen, eraser and so on.

The work is a bit tedious since you have to do everything frame by frame. But it’s totally something you will like doing. It’s as intuitive as it will ever be, and that’s maybe the coolest thing about it. Yes, it’s not the simplest thing to focus on. But it’s not the hardest thing either.

As you work on you can test the animation and play it even if it’s unfinished, which is great. There are some premium features that will help enhance your animation, but those are not mandatory. They do allow you to share your creation on social media and other platforms which is a very nice touch.

They also have an audio important and audio library feature if you want to make your animations stand out. The ability to draw and add over videos is exciting and it just makes things a whole lot better. And yes, in order to make the experience better you can draw over layers, as there are multiple ones to use.

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Overall, during our FlipaClip review process, we found this app to work very well and it’s definitely a pleasure to adapt and use. It’s a great tool to consider and one that has the potential to do wonders if you handle it correctly.

We do encourage you to give it a shot as it’s one of the best animation tools on the market. You will never have to worry about making any mistake either, as you can easily undo any addition and remove stuff. FlipaClip is certainly a great app, so give it a try today!

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