FlipaClip for Computer – Free Download on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac

FlipaClip for Computer is one of the most popular video editing apps these days as it is really simple to use, but still holds all the features that a professional needs to accomplish great video clips and commercial videos. Also, it now counts with a new version where the old limitations such as a watermark or some special features.

Using FlipaClip for creating all kind of animations in the old way and with all the layers you want. At the same time, the app is colorful and allows you to share all your video clips with the most popular social networks such as YouTube or Facebook.

This app is actually so useful for animating that is no longer a smartphone-only app but it’s being downloaded in all kinds of gadgets for taking advantage of its features. In this guide, you’ll find out how to use and download FlipaClip for Computer.

How To Use FlipaClip?

  • Tools

For drawing with your FlipaClip on a computer, it’s recommendable to connect the device on a digital pen, the advantage is that FlipaClip is predetermined to work with a lot of digital pens including the Samsung S Pen, so actually finding a matching tool is very easy.

  • Create your Project

Hit the “+” button and start your new project very quickly. Then put a name to the project, choose a background for it, the canvas size and the frames per minute. After you’ve set all the data, then just click on “create project” and you’re ready to begin.

  • Drawing your animation

There are lots of options for creating your animation or video clip, starting with the option of creating your own frame or selecting a previous one. There’re four different kinds of pencils for you to use and three ruler options for making the lines simpler.

Also, you can undo-redo or erase any action. You can work and preview every layer you want and you can copy-paste or add text also in every layer.

  • Frame per Frame

One of the best features on this app (that makes it so popular), is that you can use the timeline to work frame by frame so you won’t miss any one of them, and also you can choose the pencils and paper you want for each frame.

If you’re not so experienced in drawing, you can use the opacity option for guiding yourself and with the new Unlocker update, you can have access to all the “onion paper” options. Just let your imagination fly!

FlipaClip for Computer Desktop Windows & Mac

Download FlipaClip for Computer Windows & Mac

As any other Android official app, downloading FlipaClip on a computer can’t be directly done. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to install, actually, it’s not even hard, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or KoPlayer for making your computer work as an Android device.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the emulator, run it and go to the Google Play Store.
  • In the search bar, type “FlipaClip” and click on the app.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • Once the installation is done, you’ll be able to use FlipaClip on your computer as long as you have the Android Emulator.

The FlipaClip Unlocker APK app must be downloaded separately as it’s not available in Google Play Store. To get pro apk follow this link and then enjoy with more features.