How To Install FlipaClip for Chromebook?

More and more people are interested to know how to install FlipaClip for Chromebook and you can’t really blame them. A Chromebook is basically a tablet or laptop that runs on Linux-based Chrome OS as the operating system. This device is mainly used for performing various tasks with the use of the Google Chrome browser.

Most of the data and applications are saved on the cloud instead of on the device itself. The Chromebooks released during the latter part of 2017 can run Android applications as well. One app that you can run on your Chromebook is FlipaClip.

What is FlipaClip App for Chrome OS?

FlipaClip App is a type of comprehensive drawing tool that lets you create stories on your tablet or laptop in a simple, fast, convenient and detailed way.

FlipaClip App for Chrome OS is a wonderful cartoon animation app which gives you a chance to develop animation videos with the use of simple drawing tools. This is a very fun app that gives you an opportunity to unleash your artistic capabilities and skills, letting your imaginative juices flow.

Thanks to the intuitive design of its layout. FlipaClip on Chrome OS is also easy and simple to use for everyone. The tools you can find in FlipaClip have been designed in a way that makes it a breeze to use this app for anyone and everyone.

With your screen as the blank canvas, you can draw all the things you want with the use of all types of brushstrokes. Turn your ideas into reality and let your imagination take you places.

FlipaClip is extremely useful for you those who want to create vignettes and sketches. Or just anyone who just loves and enjoys drawing.

This animation app on Chromebook has all the tools you will ever need for drawing the things you want in layers together with other intuitive and useful functions that can help you during the process.

Steps To Download FlipaClip for Chromebook

Install FlipaClip for Chromebook

One thing that makes FlipaClip on Chrome OS great is that this also comes with an animation system that lets you add special touches on the things you draw.

This is compatible with digital pens as well. The app can give you hours and hours of exciting fun and saves you effort and time. This is all made possible by its fantastic array of tools.

If you want to download FlipaClip on your Chromebook, first, you have to ensure that you download a good Android emulator. Install the latest version on your Chromebook.

  • Launch the Android Studio application. It will allow you to download the ROM to boot your virtual Android device.
  • Once you have finished downloading it and it begins running. Go to the Google Play Store with the use of the virtual Android device.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Android Studio, you can switch to BlueStacks emulator as this app player is most commonly used.
  • Once done, search for the FlipaClip app on Google Play. Install this just as how you do on an Android smartphone.
  • After the app is installed, launch it. You can now start having fun with designing your cartoon animation videos on your Chromebook.


Finally, you have now installed the latest version of FlipaClip for Chromebook from the above tutorial. Start making your animation videos and share with your friends.