FlipaClip Drawings – How To Draw On FlipaClip?

You don’t need to be equipped with a high-end computer in order to go ahead and draw cartoon animation. It is possible for you to create stunning cartoon animations with the help of a mobile app. That’s where you should go ahead and take a look at FlipaClip App and explore your drawings.

It is one of the most prominently mobile apps available for people to create cartoons and share them with minimum hassle. You will fall in love with the functionality that it can deliver to you at the end of the day.

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FlipaClip Drawings – How To Draw Animations?

FlipaClip Drawings

Here are the steps that you will need to follow when you are using this animation tool to proceed with FlipaClip drawing and animation creation.

  • Drawing Tools

As the first step, you need to take a look at the FlipaClip drawing tools. In here, you will be provided with a variety of practical tools to proceed with the drawing. They include an eraser, fill, lasso, brushes, and many different shapes.

You will also be able to insert text in your preferred font into the context. You can also define the canvas size accordingly to complement your drawings. One of the best things about FlipaClip is that it is compatible with apple pencil.

  • Animation Layers

Once you complete drawing, you can take a look at the animation layers. In here, you will be able to add up to three different animation layers for free without making a payment.

If you can purchase the pro version, you can add up to 10 different layers. You can easily add these animation layers to proceed with cartoon animation as well.

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  • Animation Tools

A variety of cartoon animation tools are offered by FlipaClip. Therefore, you can go ahead and work on them to make your animation look amazing.

One of the best features that you will notice in here is that you have complete freedom to work on animation frame by frame. It is super easy to create a perfect looking animation with the help of this feature. You will also be able to make the animation cartoon look perfect with overlay grids.

  • Add Audio/Music

Now you come to the step where you can add audio. You can insert any audio track as per your preferences. You are also provided with the chance to edit the audio track as per your needs. Therefore, you will fall in love with flexibility.

  • Add Images & Videos

Now you can add images and videos into the cartoon animation based on your preferences. You can simply drag and drop the videos or animations. Then you can make fine adjustments to blend everything perfectly well.


These are all the steps that you have to follow in order to draw your drawings, cartoon animations and publish animations with the help of FlipaClip. You will be able to publish the file as a GIF file or a MP4 file. If you want to get the file directly uploaded to YouTube, you have the chance to do it as well.

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