FlipaClip Beta (Unreleased) APK Download for Android

If you love cartoons like Tom and Jerry, you may wonder how to create such a stunning cartoon. If you want to create a cartoon similar to Tom and Jerry you need to learn on how to operate Flipaclip Beta App.

This is a good android phone and tablet app that will help you to create video cartoon easily. This particular software allows you to release your creativity and skill. This is true as FlipaClip facilitate you to create frame by frame beautiful animation.

Have you ever had an old school flipbook? FlipClip has similarity with your old school flipbook. The only thing is that FlipClips apps have some modern and sophisticated twist to make this carton maker more enjoyable to operate.

This app is also equipped with the best functional tools like Storyboard, animate and sketch that help the user to create stunning cartoon videos. Unlike other cartoon maker apps, FlipClip app offers an animation timeline, union layer, frame manager, grid and text tools and drawing.

Update: Get FlipaClip APK file from this link

This particular app developed by a company called Visual Blasters Company. In 2010 Two brothers Marcos and Jonathan lunch FlipaClip at his company headquarter and Miami. Marcos Meson was motion graphic designer while his brother Jonathan was a software engineer at Motorola Company. They created FlipaClip that can run flawlessly at various devices like iPhone, Android 5.1+ and PC with windows OS.

FlipaClip Key Features

First of all this particular app has a useful and informative tutorial that helps the user to get an informative guide that allows you to navigate the interface. The user gets insight on tools available and its uses. Whether you are novice, intermediate or an expert, you will find this tutorial useful.

FlipaClip Beta Icon

FlipaClip allows the user to create frame by frame animated picture. This app also allows you to import images from your gallery. There is union layer feature that helps the user to recreate ghost image from cartoon created earlier.

FlipaClip has plenty of drawing tools. In fact, you can create a movie from your cartoon drawing. In this case, you just need to choose a video format and add some watermark. The beautiful thing is that you can see the conversion process of drawing to the animation.

How To Download FlipaClip Beta App on Smartphones & Tablets?

Stunning cartoon and animation can be created easily with the FlipaClip App. To create a cartoon and animation you have to use your android device to download and install the app from Google play store or if you wish you can download it from their official website.

Before you can start to download your application, you need to go to setting in your device and then select install from unknown source.

Now, you go to Google play store and search for the world FlipaClip on the search bar. Scroll down and find the correct application. After that hit install option.

The above method is for the normal version of the application and for the Beta unreleased version you should follow the below method.

  • Now you can start to download your FlipaClip Beta version App into the SD Card of your device.

Download Now

  • Once the download process finished, you can install to run.
  • When the app is installed to your Smartphone, now you can run it, and you can start your adventure of creating beautiful carton video and animation.


FlipaClip Beta App is one of the best cartoon maker app available today. This FlipaClip App is a free app that can be downloaded and used by everyone. However, if you need more powerful features, you need to get a pro version.

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