FlipaClip 2.4.4 for Android – APK Download

FlipaClip released the latest version 2.4.4 and is a great tool that you can use in order to create cartoon animations. The app itself is exciting to use, it covers a whole lot of interesting ideas and it comes with clever features to explore.

But the best part is that it’s fully adaptable to your needs and you will find it easy to fully create frame by frame animations the way you always wanted. It works great, it’s a pleasure to adjust and improve as you go along, and the attention to detail is always staggering because of that. You will not have to worry about anything with the FlipaClip app, as it will help you create your project in no time.

Features of the Animation App

The FlipaClip tool does a very good job at helping you draw and create animation layers fast and easy. The idea of working with animations is exciting and unique. There are tons of incredible options for you to explore here.

You are limited to a certain number of layers for a free version, but with FlipaClip’s latest version you can get all the layers you need in no time.

The animation tools are very easy to adjust to your needs. There are even a frame viewer and overlay grids that really make it shine in a very distinctive and unique way.

Do you want to add an audio? This version helps you do that and you can add as well as edit audio very quickly without any major issue. You can import your own audio files and add dialogue if you want to.

With FlipaClip you can make movies from images and animations too. And you can insert rotoscopes if you want as well. Having all the options here really pays off big time. You will be incredibly impressed with the process and the experience as a whole. Plus, if you like the result and you want to promote it, you can share it with others.

FlipaClip 2.4.4 APK Download

How To Download FlipaClip Version 2.4.4?

Follow the below steps to get FlipaClip App:

  • Take your mobile or tablet and then launch the Google Play Store or App Store from the apps menu.
  • Search for FlipaClip App in the Store using the search box.
  • Now select FlipaClip app and then tap on the install option.
  • That’s it!

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What’s New in FlipaClip 2.4.4?

FlipaClip does come with some nice stuff. They fixed a bug where phones were not able to dismiss the watch rewarded ad or pay for audio import.

They also fixed a crash related to the stage live preview. Even the contest submit an entry that was broken recently and it is fixed. The app also solved the UI issues related to account creation.

But they went even further by changing the Onion setting labels while also improving the Spanish localization. They also brought in TikTok contest submission support while also adding other bug fixes and improvements.


FlipaClip 2.4.4 works great and it comes with some nice additions. If you like the idea of creating animations with an easy to use and dependable tool, you want to check it out and give it a try if possible.

FlipaClip is powerful, dependable and it will give you a very good experience and tremendous results all the time due to that. You just have to give it a shot and it will totally be worth it!

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