Apps Like FlipaClip – Best Alternatives for Android, iOS & PC

Have you always dreamed of making your very own cartoon characters? Today, cartoon animation is no longer just a simple hobby as it can also be a great career option. It doesn’t matter if you are using Android or iOS devices because you can surely find apps like FlipaClip that will help you hone your animation skills and produce quality cartoons in no time.

Some of the best apps perfect to kick start your cartoon animation are the following:

Apps Like FlipaClip Best Alternatives

Apps Like FlipaClip for Android & PC

#1 Draw Cartoons 2

Say goodbye to all the technicalities associated with making cartoons because Draw Cartoons app will make the task easier and simpler. This app lets you draw the cartoons then publish them right away. Here is the guide to install Draw Cartoons 2 App on your PC or Laptop.

#2 Toontastic 3D

Toontastic makes it very easy to draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoon characters. Every time the cartoon character moves on the screen and narrates the story, Toontastic app will record your voice and animations. This will then be saved on your Android device in the form of a 3D video. Learn how to set up Toontastic 3D App on your PC from here.

#3 Stick Nodes

It is a cartoon video maker application specially made with Android devices in mind. With this app, it will only take a few minutes to make stick figure animations and export them to animated GIFs and MP4 videos.

The younger generation of animators loves this app that takes inspiration from the popular Pivot stick figure animator. Also, the app supports PC Windows and Mac device.

#4 Animate it!

This is another app that lets you draw animation, poses, or sketches in just several minutes. This is a handy and simplified tool complete with simplified controls.

Top Best Alternatives to FlipaClip for iOS

#1 RoughAnimator

This app is full of hand-drawn tools for iOS users. This lets you hand draw every frame of your animation.

#2 Animation Creator HD

Do you want to add more life to your imagination and creativity? This app is among the most powerful but simple apps like FlipaClip made for iOS that offers different drawing tools for a more convenient way of managing framework. Your imagination is the limit to this app.

#3 Pixel Animator

With Pixel Animator, you can do so much more than simply creating cool pixel arts. You can transform an existing cartoon or image into pixel art or start from scratch.

#4 Puppet Pals HD

Thanks to Puppet Pals HD app, it is very simple and easy to create your unique animated cartoon videos. You only need to choose your characters and bring them on stage, add some backdrops, then hit on record. Movements and audio are also recorded in real time.

#5 Animation Desk

This app allows you to create your frame by frame animations from the ground up. You can even create cartoons on videos, images, and PSD layers. It is also easy to share animations from your iOS device and import or export files in different formats.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best apps like FlipaClip for Android, iOS and PC devices. If you want to bring your own cartoon characters to life, there is nothing that can stop you now from doing so.