Best Apps Like FlipaClip for PC Windows & Mac [Updated]

Figuring out which are the best apps like FlipaClip for PC can be very tricky. FlipaClip is a very good animation tool, but it’s mobile-only and using it on a computer is tricky. You can use emulators, but this is not the native experience you would like. Which is why created a list with apps that work on Mac or Windows.

So if you still want to use a good mobile app, finding the right one really helps immensely, so consider all of that.

Apps Like FlipaClip for PC – Best Alternatives

Apps Like FlipaClip for PC Windows Mac Best Alternatives

#1 SketchBook

Sketchbook makes drawing and animating a breeze. What you will like about this tool is that it has a gesture-based interface. It’s intuitive and at the same time, it brings outstanding attention to detail you will enjoy quite a lot. It makes you productive really fast.

#2 OpenToonz

OpenToonz is open source! It’s also a lot more advanced, which makes it one of the best apps like FlipaClip Windows and Mac. That alone shows the tremendous benefits you can get on desktop computers. It does have documentation, so despite being more complex you can learn how to use all that stuff.

#3 Pencil2D

Pencil2D is designed to help you create hand-drawn animations naturally. You can use either vector graphics or bitmaps, based on your own ideas. But you are allowed to be as creative as possible and the app can get rather complex, according to what you need to add.

#4 Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio provides you with lots of layers you can use to make the animations vibrant and very realistic at the same time. Their bone system combines bitmaps or vector artwork as you see fit. And yes, they even allow you to sync animations with sounds if you want. Synfig Studio even has its own dedicated audio editor.

#5 Tupi

While Tupi is more suitable for 2D animations, it’s a very interesting tool you can use. It supports vector illustrations. It also allows you to import raster images or export finished images. And they even have support for things like rotations, scaling, sheering or tweening, among many others.

#6 Blender

Blender is extremely popular and you can use it to create some pretty impressive animations. You can create renders with it, Blender can also be used for modeling. And it also has animation as well as VFX features. Not to mention it integrates with most pipeline tools out there without major worries.

To Conclude…

As you can see, these are some great options to be had if you want the best apps like FlipaClip for PC Windows and Mac. There are always challenges to deal with as you learn a new tool. But all of these are extremely reliable and quite complex too.

So if you have an animation in mind, you can use any of these tools to bring it to life in a unique and creative manner. Just consider giving them a try and we guarantee that you will enjoy this experience quite a lot!

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