Anitales APK (Latest Version) Download for Android

Many experts believe that literature is very important for children development. Children seem to learn more easily when the subject presented with interesting picture and images. Let’s see how to make stories using Anitales APK on your smartphone and tablet.

Some research indicates that pictures and images help children to understand sentence and words easily. To facilitate the children to comprehend the subject given, many textbooks are equipped with audio recorded version. This shows how important image and audio in children learning’s process. Anitales is an android app that helps the student to learn language most interactively and pleasantly possible.

What is Anitales App?

Anitales story is an educational app that allows the user to create an animated story or we easily called carton story maker.

This particular app is designed by a couple parent who wants to create an application that encourages all the children to explore and express their imagination by creating a cartoon video story in an easy and fun way. This is a new app lunch this on 19 February 2018 by app Development Company called Mibao IT.

Anitales APK Download for Android

Features of Anitales Story Maker

This is free video cartoon maker app is specifically designed to create video cartoon easily. This well-design app is suitable for both children and adult.

Now creating cartoon is easy as Anitales APK allows you to add a role and scene quickly. In addition, you can render the music effect of your choice.

In fact, this particular carton app enables you to change the sky appearance as well as weather condition like sunny, winter, autumn or windy based on your storyline. It is worth to mention that the default background music of this app is so relaxing.

Anitales App is not just a common carton story maker or carton video creator, but you can do many things with this app. For example, once you have finished your video cartoon creation, you can export it and share it with your family and friends. Additionally, you can watch or read a thousand collections of interesting carton movies or stories from various favorite authors.

This app allows the user to create story location, add some cartoon avatar, recording your voice over and many more. In fact, you can create private clubs where you can create a specific category and rules and invite your family member and friends to join your clubs. This is a great thing to do as you can share your cartoon story with the whole family as well as with friends from all over the world.

How To Install Anitales APK on Your Android?

Installing Anitales to the android gadget is easy as this app is specifically designed for Android. You can install Anitales, you have to download it from Google Play Store.

If your android is running lower than 4.0, you need to go to setting and then open application option. And select Unknown Resource then click ok on pop up.

This app is only for android 4.0 and higher. To start the installation, you need to go to setting and look down for security and choose Unknown Resource. By clicking Unknown Resource, you will be directed to download the apps from the internet.

To Conclude…

Anitales APK is a well-design app that allows the user to create stunning carton videos easily. This apps is suitable for cartoon lover as you can read and watch a high-quality cartoon from cartoon author all over the world.

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